Bond Increased for Convicted Sex Offender

A highly agitated David Kawiecki, 37, was wheeled out of court after shouting to the judge that he was not guilty and that police beat him up.  

After a multi-town chase, police arrested Kawiecki on Thursday for failing to register as a sex offender and third-degree larceny. 
He led police on a wild chase, crashed into police cars and destroyed property before he was captured behind 84 Dowd St. in Newington, New Britain police said.  There they found him, armed with a gun and wearing a bulletproof vest.
David Kawiecki was joined by his two brothers in court, who were arrested for allegedly stealing electricity from their landlord. 
His brother, George, was released on a promise to appear, and told NBC Connecticut his brother needs help because he suffers from mental health issues.

"I'm just glad he didn't get killed yesterday. I was scared he was going to kill somebody, or police were going to kill him, so I just feel so much better that the guy's alive," George Kawiecki said. "The guy needs serious help. I just want to see him get some psychiatric help. This guy, like I said, he doesn't deserve to be in prison, they should just put him in the hospital.”
In court, prosecutors showed David Kawiecki already has a record dating back almost 20 years. He's also a suspect in burglaries in New Britain and Farmington, according to police.
But a family friend, who showed up to court Friday, doesn't see David Kawiecki as a threat.  He said the 1991 sexual assault charge against Kawiecki was filed when he was 18, dating a 16-year-old girl.
"He's not a really bad guy. What do you do when you're homeless and you don't have a place, you don't have an income. Life is tough," Paul Skowronski, of New Britain, said.
Kawiecki’s bond was increased from $525,000 to $600,000. He was charged with failing to register and third-degree larceny. He could face more charges in connection with the police chase.
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