Sources: Confession in Torres Hit and Run

The man Hartford police have been questioning in connection with the hit-and-run of Angel Arce Torres, 78, has confessed, police sources told NBC Connecticut. An arrest is imminent, according to police sources.

Here’s how the individual came to the attention of police: Another man was being questioned about another crime, when he told police about this family member who had confessed that he hit Torres. 

Police found the relative and brought him to the police department for questioning. Late Thursday night, that person confessed, police sources told NBC Connecticut.

Police sources say detectives have also impounded a vehicle. Spokeswoman Nancy Mulroy denies that claim.  Mulroy also says the department does not have anyone in custody. 

Torres was taken off life support Monday. He later died of bronchial pneumonia and a spinal cord injury.

The case sparked outrage after it appeared people were driving by the scene of the crime without stopping to help.

The funeral and burial for Torres will be held Friday.

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