Police Release Photo of Van Involved in Hit-and-Run

New Haven police released a photo on Friday of a white van that struck a girl and drove away earlier this week.

The accident happened around 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday as the girl ran from a school bus to a daycare when she was struck at the intersection of Ferry and Pine Streets. Witnesses said the girl had run across the street to ask the bus driver if that was her bus. When the driver said no, the girl started running back to the daycare when she was struck.

Police also released surveillance video from inside the bus that recorded audio of the girl's brief conversation with the bus driver.

"Be careful," the driver said, as the 9-year-old left the bus.

The white van involved in the accident can be seen on the video driving past the bus.

"Hold on, Hold on," the bus driver yelled before screaming as the girl was hit by the van.

The driver in the van sped away from the scene then traveled south on Ferry Street and turned west on Grand Avenue, according to police.

Investigators have determined the vehicle was a white Chevrolet Express Cargo van from the model years 1996-2002. It has a gray front bumper and "double doors" with windows on the passenger side and double rear doors with windows. The reverse lights are below the tail lights on the upper portion of the van.

The van would most likely have sustained damage on the front bumper on its passenger side.  The headlight may also be damaged, police said.

The father of the young girl is urging someone to step forward. Miguel Torres said he was shocked to get a phone call from his daughter's mother early Tuesday telling him about the accident.

"For the first time, I just went into shock. It's not easy to talk or explain something like this...we're hoping that somebody is going to say something to someone and that someone will think about the tragedy that has befallen this young girl," Torres said.

His daughter, Gallilea, was rushed to the hospital, but was treated for what police called "non-life threatening" injuries.

Anyone with information on the van or the driver is asked to call New Haven Police at 203-946-6304. Calls may be made anonymously, police said.

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