Police Search for Clues About Hartford Hit-and-Run

A Hartford woman was injured in a devastating hit-and-run crash back in September and now police are hoping the public will be able to help solve the crime.

Authorities just released surveillance video from an apartment building on Pliny Street in Hartford.

The footage shows the victim crossing the street when she was hit by the car and knocked to the ground. She's seen lying in the middle of the road, apparently unconscious, after the crash.

Police said the woman then woke up and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Initially, the victim didn't tell realize she had been hit and speculated that she may have suffered an epileptic seizure, according to police.

Suspecting something more might have happened, the victim tracked down video captured by a surveillance camera on the street. Only then did she discover that she had been struck by a car.

Now that police have the video, they’re hoping someone will recognize the vehicle and come forward with information to help them make an arrest.

“When we got that video we were able to determine obviously that it needs a little more resources. We have our Major Crimes Division assisting with the investigation now, with the officer, so hopefully we can move forward and find the car,” said Deputy Chief Brian Foley, of the Hartford Police Department.

If you have any information about what happened, call Hartford police.

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