Pit Bull Abused in “Worst” Case of Animal Cruelty: Officers

A young pit bull was found so badly neglected, animal control officers are surprised she's still alive, and now they're trying to track down the person who left her for dead.

"She's so skinny, her hip bones from laying on the ground actually wore through, and they're open sores on each hip," said Enfield Animal Control Officer Eric Boucher.

Enfield resident Meghan Beach spotted the female pit bull Monday, emaciated and roaming in the area of Barnardino Avenue. She called the police.

"It breaks my heart. People don't deserve their love and people don't deserve to have that companionship and relationship with animals if you can't take care of them the way they deserve to be taken care of," Beach said.

Enfield Animal Control calls it the worst case of animal abuse the town has ever seen. But somehow, the dog is still in bright spirits.

"Right now, you can see every bone in its body. She's in rough shape but she's just as happy as can be," Boucher said.

Police plan to charge the owner with animal cruelty.

"I know she still looks so skinny, but she looks so much better," Beach said. "She moves better. She could barely walk the other day. She could barely sit. She could barely stand. She shook the whole time."

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