Police Searched Tyrrell Middle School in Wolcott After Threat Was Found Scrawled in Book

Police searched Tyrrell Middle School in Wolcott this morning after a potential threat was found earlier this month scrawled in a book checked out of the school library.

A student who had been reading a book that had been checked out of the Tyrrell Middle School Library Media Center on April 30 found some hand writing in the book, "See You at Harry's," that stated “bomb goes off on 5/21/15,” police said.

When the student saw this, he or she notified the principal.

The Wolcott Police Department said they were made aware of the threat on May 4. For the last two weeks, all packages delivered to the school were carefully screened and trash was continuously emptied in every classroom to ensure that nothing was in the building that should not be.

Police said the sweep this morning was performed as a security and safety precaution and the entire interior and exterior of the school were checked before students and staff arrived this morning.

Four State Police canines trained to identify potentially explosive devices were brought in and police said no explosives or suspicious devices were found and they determined the building was safe to open.

According to police, the same student who found the threat had previously checked out the book from March 26 until April 2 and did not notice the writing at the time.

Between April 2 and April 30, the book was in the library and the School Resource Officer and school administrators checked the handwriting to determine who might have written the note, but they did not find a match.

“Although there was no direct threat against Tyrrell Middle School, any and all potentially suspicious occurrences are taken very seriously and ALL precautions are used to ensure the safety of our students, staff and community,” police said in a news release.

Police said no students or staff were in any danger and the threat was determined not to be credible, but police continue to investigate.

Parents were alerted of the threat on Thursday morning, when an email and message alert were sent out before the school day started. 

Police said they are adding police presence at the school for as long a necessary.

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