Police Seize Almost 140 Pounds of Marijuana

Stuart Klotzer 1200
East Central Narcotics Taskforce

A Connecticut drug task force seized almost 140 pounds of marijuana when they made an arrest in Stafford on Thursday.

Members of the East Central Narcotics Taskforce were conducting surveillance on Thursday when they saw Stuart Klotzer, 54, of 42 Patten Road in Stafford, come out of a wooded area off of Niederwerfer Road and get into his car, police said.

The members of the taskforce followed him and reached out to the resident trooper for help to stop the car. 

When officers stopped the car, they found 8 pounds of marijuana in the car and detained Klotzer, police said.

That was just a small fraction of the marijuana police would find by the time the investigation was over.

Police said they learned that there were several marijuana plants growing in the wooded area Klotzer had been seen frequenting and seized another 69 and a half pounds of marijuana. 

The investigation also led police to Klotzer’s home, where police found yet another 60 pounds of marijuana, police said.

In all, police seized around 139 and a half pounds of marijuana, worth an estimated $348,750, marijuana packaging material, a 2000 Toyota Camry
and marijuana growing equipment, including a portable grow house, growing lights, fans, ventilators and more.

Klotzer was charged with possession of more than four ounces of marijuana, cultivation of marijuana, operating a drug factory and possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

Bond was set at $25,000.

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