Police Still Seek ‘Mike' in Truck Stop Death

Dale Anderson was looking for work when he hitched a ride to a truck stop in Branford and landed a job as a trucker’s assistant.

It was at that truck stop - inside the truck - that the driver found Anderson’s bloodied body Friday morning.  What happened to the 47-year-old from Redlands, California remains a mystery and police are looking for a person of interest in the case.
The truck driver Anderson happened to get a job with had another assistant named “Mike,” America’s Most Wanted reports.

Anderson and Mike began hanging  around together, waiting for the next job, and the last time they were seen together was when they were just about to go to sleep in the sleeper section of the truck, the fugitive TV show reports.

The next morning, the two assistants were gone but the trucker had to get his trailer ready for the next job.  When he opened the trailer, the trucker found Anderson’s body. He was covered in blood and been badly beaten, according to the website.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner conducted an autopsy Saturday and said Anderson's cause of death is cranial-cerebral trauma.

Now, police want to speak with Mike, who they said is “a person of interest".

“We are still trying to learn the identity of a man whom we only know as Mike,” Lt. William Carroll of the Branford Police Department said Monday.

He is approximately 5 feet seven inches, 28 to 32 years old, with a thin build with short brown hair. He was wearing a ¾-length brown leather jacket, blue jeans carrying a brown backpack.  And according to AMW, he's into playing video games.

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