Police Take Suspect Into Custody in Waterbury Shooting Caught on Camera

Waterbury police have a suspect in custody in a shooting caught on surveillance footage Friday afternoon.

Police took a male juvenile into custody at about 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

On Friday, shots were fired near 352 Walnut St. at around 3:08 p.m. on Nov. 27 and surveillance video shows a group of about seven people standing outside a building in the area and a car parked alongside the road with at least one person in the front passenger seat.

In the video, the suspect, who police identify as the male shown in a black hoodie and black Adidas pants, initially has his back to the camera and is talking to a couple people. One of them goes inside the building and then the person who appears to be the one who was talking to the suspect comes outside.

As he walks through the group of people parted outside, the hooded suspect walks toward him, calmly with his hands in his pockets, and then all of a sudden pulls out a gun and fires two successive shots at him, as shown in the video. The suspect backs up, starts to turn and then turns back to fire one more shot before walking away with at least two others, going out of the view of the camera, the video shows.

Another vantage point shows the victim put his hands up in front of him after a shot is fired in an apparent effort to shield himself and runs a few strides before limping away.

Moments later, officials from Saint Mary's Hospital in Waterbury reported that a man came in seeking treatment for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to the left leg.

Police noted in the video that witnesses are seen kicking shell casings into the nearest sewer. Then at least two people get into the car that has at least one person waiting inside before other people come into the camera view, walking down the sidewalk.

Waterbury police ask that anyone with information contact them at 203-574-6941 or Crimestoppers at 203-755-1234.

Police haven't identified the suspect because he is under 18.

Waterbury police did note that they were able to find him because "of the overwhelming response from the citizen of this City who provided vital information as to the identity of the shooter."

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