Police Trying to ID Westport Fur Thieves

Police are trying to identify the three people who stole thousands of dollars worth of fur coats from a Westport fur shop and might have gone into another store and asked about fur coats there.

Officers responded to Albe Furs at 286 Post Road East just before 11:30 a.m. on Friday for a theft in progress and took a report of three males going into the store, grabbing several fur coats from displays and getting into a vehicle in a nearby parking lot. Police said several witnesses gave a description of the males as well as of their vehicle, including a plate number, but police did not find the people or the car.

The preliminary information is that the business lost more than $11,000 for at least two, if not additional, fur coats. Police said the amount of the theft might turn out to be significantly higher.

After learning about the theft, another local business contacted police to report that people believed to be the same individuals had been in their store on Thursday inquiring about fur coats but didn’t take anything.

Police are investigating and ask anyone with information or businesses that believe the individuals might have visited their shop to call the Westport Police Department’s Detective Bureau at (203) 341-6080.

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