Police Want Access to Cameras at Waterbury Train Station

Waterbury police want to have access to the surveillance cameras at the Waterbury train station after a recent rise in car break-ins in the commuter lot.

Time is the one thing Metro-North commuters know can make or break an arrival or departure.

It's also what Waterbury police know can make a difference between catching a criminal and them getting away.

Visitors at the Waterbury train station said allowing police officers to access Metro-North and the Connecticut Department of Transportation's (CTDOT) surveillance cameras on the property could help slow down the recent rise in car break-ins at the station's parking lot.

"The fact that they know they can get away with it is why they keep on doing it," a visitor, Amber Lewis, said.

Waterbury police made a recent arrest in connection with the more than 30 break-ins this year, riders like John Lewis said having access to the surveillance cameras could help them make more.

"I think obviously they can get to it a lot faster it would crack down on the crime as far as them breaking into the cars because they know they're going to get caught," Lewis said.

Waterbury police, Metro-North and CTDOT met Wednesday to discuss the plans, no word yet on when they will gain access to the surveillance cameras.

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