Police Warn of Burglaries in Branford

Branford police issued a warning Thursday after a string of home burglaries in town.

Three burglaries have been reported over the past several weeks in the area of Mill Plain Road and Damascus Road, according to police.

In all of the instances, the thief was able to push in or remove improperly installed air conditioning units or remove screens from an open window, police said.

"They're happening during the day.  Mostly when people are at work or the home is unattended," Capt. Geoffrey Morgan said.

Police warned residents to follow manufacturer's installation instructions or have a qualified professional install the air conditioning units. Police also suggested using a device that prevents windows from being opened from the outside.

There has also been a number of thefts of landscaping equipment from trailers or from front yards while workers or homeowners are in back of the house, according to police.

So far, police do not have suspects in any of the burglaries, but they believe a light or white-colored sedan with a black passenger-side mirror may be involved in the thefts of the landscaping equipment.

Anyone who witnesses suspicious activity is asked to call Branford police.

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