Police Work to ID Body Pulled From Water at Meriden Park

NBC Connecticut

Police are working to identify a body that was pulled from the water at Giufridda Park in Meriden on Monday.

Authorities said they received a call from two city workers from the water department who were doing routine maintenance around 10 a.m.

The workers said they spotted what appeared to be a garbage bag that they were trying to retrieve. When they got closer, police said the workers discovered it was a body.

Police and firefighters responded to the scene and members of the fire department removed the body from the water, officers said.

Investigators said the body appears to be a man in approximately his late 70s or 80s wearing pajamas and a robe. He did not have any license, ID or bracelets that would help police identify him, officers added.

Authorities are working to identify the man. They said they are checking nursing homes and group homes, but have not gotten any reports of a missing man.

At this point, police said they have no reason to believe there is a criminal component. Investigators said it's possibly a drowning.

According to authorities, the primary concern is identifying the man so they can notify his family.

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