Police Shoot Dog During Investigation

Police Were Looking For People Responsible In Baby Shower Shooting

West Hartford police shot a pit bull in self-defense as they searched for people who might have been involved in a baby shower shooting.
Police have had the UAW Hal on Oakwood Avenue under surveillance since Saturday night when someone shot four people during a baby shower.
Tuesday morning, SWAT teams from West Hartford and Hartford were scouring Newfield Avenue and Dexter Street when dogs from the K9 unit picked up the scent in the corner of a bus yard.
Police believe the shooters, or people who knew the shooters, went to the hall to gather evidence left behind after the shooting.
When police moved in, the people released a pit bull, ran for the fence and took off toward a bus yard on Newfield Street, police said. 
Police called off the search around 6 a.m. and West Hartford police returned to Oakwood Avenue to search for evidence.

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