Poll: Sell Booze on Sundays; a Little Pot's OK

Six days are not enough to buy booze, it should be sold on Sundays too, and just a little bit of pot should not be enough to put someone in the clink. That’s what Connecticut voters told Quinnipiac pollsters.   

The pro-booze divide over Sunday liquor store sales was 54–44 percent, and men were more in favor of it -- 62–37 – than women were, 50-48.

Connecticut has not completely changed its tune to allow selling spirits on every street corner, however.

In the poll held this week, most oppose sales of wine and hard liquor in grocery stores, 58-39 percent.

Voters also said decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana, where low-level users face a fine similar to a traffic ticket rather than a criminal charge, is a good idea.

The split was 58 percent approval, 37 percent opposition.

Republicans oppose a reduction in marijuana penalties 51 – 44 percent, and Democrats are more in favor, 68-30. Independents fall right in the middle with 58-35 percent.

“Although Connecticut is known as the land of steady habits, Nutmeggers appear willing, to change the law so that Connecticut package stores can sell alcohol on Sunday,” Douglas Schwartz, Ph.D. director of the poll said.

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