Polls Closed on Primaries, Voters and Candidates Awaiting Results

Polls have closed on primary day in Connecticut and voters in several towns are awaiting results on mayor's races.

While the secretary of the state expects that will increase the number of people heading to the polls, she still didn't expect high voter turnout.

“I think it always helps if there’s some sort of interesting race going on and it certainly (is) interesting here in Hartford, likewise New Haven and Bridgeport. All three of them this year have contested races and I think it will increase turnout. That being said, turnout is always very low in a primary, so we’ll see,” Secretary of the State Denise Merrill said.

“If you don’t vote, you end up with what we have right now,” Steve Itkin, of New Haven, said. 

There are mayoral races in New Haven, Bridgeport, East Haven, Hamden, Hartford, Middletown and West Haven. 

Merrill said turnout has always been low for primaries and she doesn’t think the contested mayoral races will bring out the crowds. 

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