Pool Installation Crews Work Through Extreme Heat

Wednesday’s 90-degree temperatures proved to be a challenge for Tanguay Pools installation crews. NBC Connecticut caught up with them installing a pool in Watertown.

They constantly battle the sun’s rays, because it gets even hotter in six-foot deep pit.

“Whatever temperature it is outside, it’ll be about 20-degrees warmer inside the pool because of the steel reflecting the sun rays back in. So if it’s a 90-degree day out here, it’ll be 110 in the hole,” said Rick Tanguay, the president of Tanguay Pools.

Their end goal is to provide the customer with a refreshing pool, something that can be an oasis on the hot summer days. But during the construction process, the workers are roasting.

“We just drink a lot of water, sometimes we just spray ourselves down with a hose if the sweat isn’t enough to cool us down,” said Tanguay.

It is these hot summer days that makes them work harder and attracts more customers.

“The hot weather definitely brings them in. Some people could have the pool on hold for a year's time. All of a sudden you get one day in the 90s and they want the pool installed yesterday. They don’t care what the cost is, [they’ll say] when can you do it,” said Tanguay.

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