Barn Renovations Solve 26-Year-Old Cold Case

Elizabeth Gough Heath went missing in April 1984, and her case had gone cold, until this week.

On Wednesday, a father and son solved the 26-year-old mystery while doing renovations on their Newtown barn on Wednesday.

They were working on breaking through badly damaged flooring at 89 Poverty Hollow Road when they found a covered well. Inside were pillows, blankets and a bag containing what looked like a human femur.

By Thursday afternoon, police had located an entire skeleton. On Thursday evening, the medical examiner's office confirmed that the remains are those of Heath, who lived in that house at the time she disappeared.

She was 30 when she vanished, according to a poster from the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System. She left no note.

Her husband, John Heath, reported her missing on April 6, 1984.

Land documents show John Heath owned the property until it went into foreclosure in 2005.

Now, police are trying to determine who killed Elizabeth Gough Heath and buried her under the barn on the property.

A couple and their son had since bought the property and have been doing renovations, police said.

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