Pothole Problems: Fluctuating Temperatures Make Mess of Roads

The extreme cold followed by warmer temperatures is paving the way the for pothole problems across the state.

You know it when you hit one.

“I drive a low car so if I don’t dodge it, it’s pretty bad,” said driver Chris Gavis from Coventry.

Driver Gina Malinowski says a particular pothole on Thornbush Avenue in Wethersfield worries her.

“I have to swerve the whole time I go down the street,” she said. “It should be fixed.”

NBC Connecticut contacted the director of Wethersfield Public Works. She said they just received an official complaint about that problem spot yesterday, and it will likely get patched up by the end of the week.

In Newington, Public Works crews were out Tuesday filling potholes on Spruce Avenue. Crews were also on the streets in Southington patching the roads.

Potholes form when water beneath the road surface freezes and then thaws. Repairs can be costly. Depending on the damage, it could run you as much as $1,000.

To protect your vehicle experts say look ahead, slow down, and beware of puddles because you never know what lurks beneath them.

“We’re starting to see more cars come in with tires and rims damaged,” said Randy Saly, manager of the AAA Car Care facility in Southington. “They can do anything from damaging a tire or damaging a suspension or something deeper in the vehicle.”

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