Potholes Plague the State

Potholes have appeared throughout Connecticut as winter takes its toll on broken pavement, and the head of the Legislature's Transportation Committee urged the state to take action.

"We've had a horrendous winter," he said at the hearing he was chairing Wednesday. "There are cars basically being swallowed up by the size of these potholes."

The woman behind the counter of a Colchester eatery directed our camera to Davidson Road, where her son asked her, "Mom, do you have to hit all the bumps?"

When ice gets into a crack in the road and freezes, the ice expands, widening the crack into a pothole.

"They're getting bad out there," said Warren Wright. "Be driving a dump truck or a tractor-trailer when you hit those things, it throws your front end out of alignment."

Matt Januszewski patches potholes for a living with cold patches, often thought of as temporary patches to hold the pavement together until asphalt plants open in the spring.

He said cold patches will last.

"As long as you have nice clear edges," he said, "you clean it up nice and cut it out square. I've never lost any patches myself."

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