Powder Ridge Rises

Lights along the ski runs at Powder Ridge in Middlefield symbolize a return to action, even though there's no snow on the runs yet. The ski area has been closed since 2007. Its new owner has plans to be bigger and better than ever.

"Things are going, actually, great," said the owner, Sean Hayes.  "We couldn't have asked for better conditions.  Everyone looked at that rain we just had a couple of days ago and said, oh no, disaster!  No.  We needed it."

The rain recharged the pond Powder Ridge needs for water to make snow.  There is some snow on the jib at the base of the hill and there should be enough snow made over the weekend to open it.  For the ski runs from top to bottom, however, it'll be a while.

Hayes is determined it will happen. "This is an adventure sports park," he said.  "This is not your old father's ski area or local area.  This is a full service winter resort."

In the rental area the helmets are ready to go, and so are the boards, skis, and boots.  Hayes actually envisions a retail mall at Powder Ridge, along with a restaurant that's a few months away from opening.

He has some plans for making Powder Ridge different.

"It will have family rooms you can rent for the day, living room settings, fireplace, TV.  So even if you're not skiing all day long - I know I can't keep up with the kids, so after two hours I'm done, I'm going in, sitting by the fire in a private setting, and order room service," he said.

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