Power Plant Plans Leave Community Divided

A Woodbury man want to install a hydroelectric plan in a mill he owns.

hydroplant still1

A Woodbury man wants to build a hydroelectric plant in the mill he owns to power his home and workshop and sell the rest back to the grid.

The plan would put a turbine along the Pomperaug River, which has left the community divided.  

“I kind of hope that people will get on board with the idea of helping the environment, said Andrew Peklo, who wants to build the hydroelectric facility.

Peklo sayid he’s had the idea ever since he bought the property 30 years ago. It would provide enough electricity to about thirty other homes.

But neighbors are furious over the proposal because it would shut down a beautiful waterfall at times.

“If he gets this built, it won't lower anyone's electrical bill, it won't. So somebody, explain to us where the upside is to anyone. This is an exclusive endeavor for Andy Peklo that no one capitalizes on, no one," Lee Sherwood said.

The Federal Energy Regulation Commission will look at the property and hold a meeting about the proposal on Wednesday night.

For some, the damage is already done and friendships have been torn apart.  

"So to Andy, evidently making money is more important than friendship," Sherwood said.

"They're calling me selfish and I'm trying to produce energy for everyone, not just me,” said Peklo.

The town meeting will be held at the Senior Center at 281 Main St. in Woodbury from 6 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday.

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