Thea Digiammerino

Pratt and Whitney Engineers Hope to Spark Love of Science in Students

Engineers from Pratt and Whitney are working to inspire local middle school students to pursue careers in science.

At East Granby Middle School, sixth graders built hovercrafts using balloons and discs.

"We’re basically going to make this float," said sixth-grader Sara Moore. "This is a cool day because our whole morning is about learning and experimenting."

It’s part of National Engineers Week. There’s specifically a push to get young girls interested in math and science.

“We find that in middle school many students turn away from STEM career thoughts because they don’t think that they’re good at math or science or it’s not cool to be an engineer so we try to provide role models to the students,” said Pratt and Whitney engineer, Jonna Gerken.

"I think that girls and boys do like science," said Victoria Damato, a sixth-grader. "Not just boys, it’s for girls and boys. I think girls can be engineers too."

For more information on National Engineers Week and the National Society of Professional Engineers, click here. 

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