Precious Find! Missing Dog's OK

Precious has been found! Two days after the Shoreline Emergency Veterinary Center in Shelton lost the Chihuahua, she turned up.

Sean Kirkman and his wife took Precious to the vet on Saturday because she had been sick. 

Monday morning, a call came. Their dog was missing.  An employee of the veterinary center took Precious out for a walk in the middle of the night and she slipped out of her leash and ran off.

She was found Wednesday morning in Stratford, the dog's owner, Kirkman said.

People who had seen pictures of the missing dog called Kirkman, saying they remembered seeing her in the Stratford area.

Kirkman had also gotten a call from someone who said she almost ran over Precious as she was crossing Route 8.

Employees from the hospital joined Kirkman to search for the dog in Stratford and that's where she was found.

Precious is said to be in fairly good condition.

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