President Joe Biden Wraps Up Visit to Connecticut

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President Joe Biden spent a chunk of Friday in Connecticut Friday, visiting the University of Connecticut in Storrs and speaking at a childcare facility in Hartford.

The president arrived on Air Force One a little before 12:30 p.m. into Bradley Airport, where he was greeted by Colonel Stephen R. Gwinn, 103rd Airlift Wing Commander.

Then the president got on Marine One for his first stop in Hartford, where Biden planned on promoting his "Build Back Better Agenda," according to a statement from the White House.

President Joe Biden has arrived in Connecticut and will visit Hartford and Storrs.

Some people with Trump flags waved hello outside the airport and filmed the motorcade with their phones.

Around 50 more supporters of former President Donald Trump gathered with signs and chanted things such as, "He’s not our president” and “traitors,” according to reporters at the scene.

The president arrived at Capitol Child Development Center in Hartford just after 1 p.m. There, he met with some of the children before promoting the aspects of the Build Back Better plan that focus on investing in early childhood programs.

"The average two parent family spends 26% of their income on childcare. My Build Back Better plan is going to change that. No working middle-class family will spend more than 7% on childcare," Biden said. "That’s going to help parents get back into the workforce and make ends meet."

PHOTOS: President Biden Visits Connecticut

The president also hopes to encourage businesses to look at onsite child care.

The plan also allows for two free years of child education, more pell grants for higher education and free community college options, as well as expanding on the concept of child tax credits and making refunds more available, especially to working families.

"The bottom line is this: when you give working families a break we're not just raising their quality of life, we're positioning our country to compete in the future," Biden said.

President Biden also visited Storrs for the dedication of the Dodd Center for Human Rights at the University of Connecticut.

The center has been known as The Thomas J. Dodd Research Center since it opened in 1995 and UConn said that UConn’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously in August to authorize its dedication as The Dodd Center for Human Rights.

Biden began his remarks with praise of Gov. Ned Lamont before discussing former Sen. Thomas Dodd's contributions, specifically his work at the Nuremberg trials.

"Nuremberg was unlike anything that had ever come before it was not about vengeance, it was about accountability. Only acknowledging the truth can we prevent the repetition of atrocities which are happening now in other parts of the world," Biden said.

The president went on to say that we need to look at history and that our nation needs to focus on always looking at ways to improve.

"We’re based on one guiding principle we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men and women are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights inducing life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We’ve never lived up to it. We’ve never, until very recently, walked away from it," Biden said.

President Biden is scheduled to visit Hartford and Storrs on Friday, including the new Dodd Center for Human Rights.

"I’m deeply grateful to UConn for recognizing me and my family by dedicating The Dodd Center for Human Rights, and I’m honored that my good friend President Biden is joining us to mark this occasion,” Christopher Dodd said in a statement.

The UConn event was open only by invitation and was broadcast on a livestream feed for the public to watch.

President Biden was last in the state in May when he delivered the keynote address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy commencement.

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