Presidential Candidates Spending Time, Money in Connecticut

Connecticut voters have a unique opportunity ahead of the presidential primary at the end of the month. For the first time, political candidates are spending their time and money to get the attention of Connecticut Voters.

According to FCC fillings, Senator Bernie Sanders' campaign has spent $765,000 on ads on Connecticut TV stations, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's campaign has spent $250,000.

“Usually we feel ignored in Connecticut," Central Connecticut State University Political Science Department Chair Dr. Paul Petterson said.

With delegates still up for grabs, the Nutmeg state is now being courted by political heavy weights.

This week, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders began spending money to bring their message into your home including on NBC Connecticut.

Meanwhile, Republican John Kasich is the first candidate to make a public appearance in the state, spending time to meet with voters face to face.

“We expect and anticipate both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to come through Connecticut," JR Romano, chairman of Connecticut's Republican Party, said. “We’re excited. Connecticut is relevant.”

“I think the people of Connecticut are really getting an opportunity here to have an influence that they normally don’t have on the national scene," Petterson said.

Connecticut Democrats said they’re not surprised.

“We’ve been saying throughout this process that the Connecticut voters would have their voices heard, and that appears to still be the case," Leigh Appleby, the communications director for Connecticut's Democratic Party, said.

Sanders and Clinton have opened up campaign offices in Hartford.

On Wednesday, Republican front-runner Donald Trump will open up his Connecticut headquarters in Berlin.

There are 71 Democratic delegates up for grabs; 28 Republican.

“Though it’s a small voice it’s a voice that could matter," said Petterson.

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