Presidential Chopper Security Leak, Sikorsky Investigating

So, you know how information like blueprints for the President's helicopter shouldn't be circulating on the internet, for fear it gets into the wrong hands? 

Turns out someone, somehow, breached the data.  And now a "malicious" source in Iran has reportedly viewed those plans.

Sikorsky Aircraft, based in Stratford, says it's conducting its own investigation into the leak, though the company's role, if any, is unclear.  It had built the White House's current fleet of 19 helicopters, but recently Lockheed Martin took over a multibillion-dollar contract to replace the helicopters.

Employees at a data monitoring firm called Tiversa discovered that potentially sensitive information had been viewed.  Tiversa notified Lockeed Martin about the "open window" in their network.  But Lockeed Martin is not the source of the leak, said Tiversa's spokesman.  The company would not reveal who may be.

The Navy is investigating how the breach occurred.

A Pentagon spokesman said the information accessed is unclassified and the president does not ride in that specific helicopter.

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