Price for Gas in Connecticut Reaches $3

The average price of gas in Connecticut has exceeded $3 for the first time in six months, according to AAA Allied Group.

The price of gas has been steadily going up since mid-February and it has risen 28 cents in the last month to $3.003 on Thursday, according to AAA. The national average is $2.888, up 20 cents in a month.

“And, though gas prices are expected to continue to rise for about another month or so, AAA does not expect them to be significantly higher than last year when they peaked around $3.15,” Amy Parmenter, spokesperson for AAA in Greater Hartford, said in a statement.

Find the lowest has prices in your area through the AAA gas prices website here. 

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The highest average price for gas in Connecticut on record is $4.39 on July 9, 2008, according to AAA.  

These are the highest average prices for regular gas in the United States, according to AAA: 

  • California: $4.091
  • Hawaii : $3.640
  • Washington: $3.522
  • Nevada: $3.460
  • Oregon: $3.416

AAA said it’s not unusual for gas prices to go up at this time of year as refineries switchover to the “more expensive summer blend of gasoline” and “begin to ramp up for the busy summer driving season.”

NBC News reports that unexpected issues also led to some refineries being taken offline. 

“Of course there is always the possibility that geo-political influences could push prices higher than usual,” Parmenter said in a statement.

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