Private Plow Drivers Seeing Green

As Connecticut digs out from another storm, one business is booming.  Private plow drivers are enjoying record business.

Dave Brockett, owner of DAS Enterprises said he’s seeing a lot of long hours and a lot of snow, but he’s not complaining.  He’s enjoying the business. 

Many private contractors started Wednesday before dawn and planning on working through the night to keep up.

Eddie Donofrio, owner of Landscaping, Inc., said the storms have been on the larger side, with time off in between.

Jeff Newland, owner of Newland Landscaping & Excavation, said he’s seen more snow this year than last year.  He's enjoyed a lot of work and business has been a lot better.

Many of the private contractors pick up the plow in the winter,  but it’s landscaping that pays the bills the rest of the year.  Donofrio said the landscaping business was slow in the fall, so the high number of snowstorms has been a big help and they’re hoping for a few more.

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