Pro-Gun Control Groups & NRA Lobby in Connecticut

A pro-gun control group expected to rally in Connecticut today is getting a push from a new radio advertisement that calls for tougher gun laws as well. At the same time, the National Rifle Association is increasing its presence in the state.

Members from The Newtown Action Alliance will lobby at the Legislative Office Building to put pressure on lawmakers to come up with a deal on gun control and the Connecticut Against Gun Violence organization is helping the initiative with an advertisement that calls for support for today's rally and for stricter gun control laws in our state.

Connecticut has been at the center of the national debate on gun laws since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December that took the lives of 20 students and 6 educators.

As groups supporting stricter gun control lobby in Connecticut, the National Rifle Association is showing a stepped-up presence in the state, which never typically posed a challenge to the organization's mission until now, as it considers bills to respond to the school shooting.

The NRA helped bus hundreds of its supporters to the Capitol as legislators weigh those proposals.

NRA state liaison John Hohenwarter said the organization decided a week ago to help organize the lobby day because of what he called "made-for-TV lawmaking, not good policy."

He said lawmakers need to "take a step back" and "really think about what they're about to do."

On Thursday, a special public safety committee hearing will be held, during which people will get a chance to voice their opinions about 11 firearms-related bills that will go before the legislative committee.

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