Hartford First-Graders Surprised With Bike Donation

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In what seems to be a never-ending lesson of firsts, first-graders at the Kennelly School in Hartford learned one of life’s greatest lessons, that good can come out of nowhere.

Jeff Lenosky is a professional mountain biker the and he had much more than just tricks up his sleeve.

Lenoksy and Can'd Aid helped donate 65 brand new bikes and helmets for the students.

“It’s my first time,” student Elizabeth Paw said.

Paw and her pal Amani DuBose are now both proud owners of the new wheels, at a time that’s forced so many of them to stay inside.

DuBose said now she has something to do at home.

“Trying to get them away from their screens a little bit and experience some adventure while trying to get some exercise is our main priority,” Lenosky said.

Principal June Cahill said the timing couldn’t be any better.

“It’s been a very, very hard time and the fact that we’re able to take a little pressure off of our families so we know that at least our first graders had something really special this holiday season,” Cahill said.

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