Procession Held in Hartford to Raise Awareness for Prevention of Gun Violence

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Mothers United Against Violence joined together in solidarity in Hartford on Saturday.

A caravan of cars assembled and created a procession to drive through neighborhoods with the goal of raising awareness for the prevention of gun violence and to promote social justice.

"I try to pray with the families here and we just have to stop the violence. It’s sad, it’s really sad that hundreds and hundreds of kids are dying to gun violence and it’s not only gun violence. You have beatings, you have car accidents, reckless driving, you know, murder is murder," said Laverne Terry, of Mothers United Against Violence.

Organizers said not even COVID-19 has stopped them from joining together to raise awareness.

They said the annual event intends to bring together families of those affected by violence, community members and concerned residents from the Greater Hartford area.

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