Protect Your PC: A Virus Hits Millions of Computers

"You won $1000.  Please click here."
Sounds so tempting. 
But of course, it is a virus that has already made its way into millions of computers.  The Downadup/Conficker worm infection is still rapidly spreading through Microsoft-based devices.  Experts say it gets into your computer when you click on something you shouldn't.
"You click on the link, you're somewhere else and that's pretty much how," explained Saurin Shan, a member of the Geek Squad at Best Buy.
The virus can also invade your computer during everyday use. It leaves any personal information on your PC wide open to hackers.
"You could get it through your regular email, not knowing what to click, just browsing the web, which your kids do every day," said Shah.
Microsoft has released patches to counteract the virus, but experts say it's up to you to protect yourself by making sure you have the correct programs on your computer.
"Some of the things for everyday users that I recommend is to make sure they have proper up-to-date viruses, virus protection, spyware protection and just following along with the new updates put out by your computer manufacturer," said Shah.
If your computer is already infected, experts say you should take it to a professional. They've already seen this virus and know how to correct it.
"You don't know what file is infected, especially if you're not used to looking at it like I am every day," said Shah.
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