Protecting Animals During Cold Weather

Experts encourage animal owners to take precautions during this bout of cold weather.

Animals that can be brought inside should be taken in during cold weather. For animals that live outside year-round, the Department of Agriculture advises owners to make sure the animals have access to shelter, warm bedding and water that isn’t frozen solid.

The ASPCA encourages dog owners to bundle their pet up before a walk in the bitter cold.

Pet owners should also pay special attention to any treatment chemicals down on the road. The ASPCA advises cleaning your dog’s paws off after a walk to remove ice, salt and chemicals. At the same time, check for any redness on the feet or cracks in paw pads. You can purchase dog booties for your four-legged friend.

ASPCA experts also say that simply brushing a dog will help their blood flow, but owners should avoid bathing their pets excessively because essential oils prevent dry skin issues in the winter.

Most dog owners who spoke to NBC Connecticut Wednesday said their pups love being outside, no matter the temperature.

"When you have a four-legged friend they have to go out. So you just dress for the climate. It is a beautiful morning, even though it is cold," said Marguerite Rose, who was walking her dog Bella in Hartford.

The ASPCA also warns not to leave pets in the car during cold weather.

Temperatures are expected to hover in the teens Wednesday and Thursday. The NBC Connecticut meteorologists have issued a First Alert for Thursday for wind chills of -10 to 20F.

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