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Protesters, Supporters Gather For Trump Visit to Coast Guard Academy

Protesters and supporters of President Donald Trump gathered in New London on Wednesday for President Donald Trump's visit to the Coast Guard Academy and chanted opposing messages at each other.

Along with chanting, some people held signs saying, "President Trump, we're with you" while others held signs that said "Fake President, Russian President" or "Impeach Trump."

Among the many who made the trip to Williams Street, some were not there to take a side. They just wanted a glimpse of the president and the motorcade, but it did not pass by.

The demonstrations began around 8 a.m., when the Unify and Resist Coalition gathered for a protest at the Soldiers and Sailors monument.

"I am very concerned that Mr. Trump is going to ruin our Constitution and really the simple fabric of our country, so it’s an opportunity to honor the grads today who have worked their whatevers off and say that they deserve a better leader," a woman from New London said.

"I just think he needs to go away. He’s scary to me," a protester from Hampton said, adding that she is concerned about climate change and fears war. "I hope that humans survive his administration."

The protest included a march to McKinley Park. Trump supporters stood across from the protesters. 

One supporter said Trump is the first person he ever voted for in a presidential race and if he had a nickel for every story about Trump that was supposed to end his administration, he would be rich. 

Another supporter said she thinks Trump is for the people. 

Before the presidential visit, representatives from the City of New London met with the Secret Service on security plans and New Haven police have dozens of officers on duty.

In all, police said more than 500 people showed up to demonstrate for or against the president and everyone behaved themselves.

"Despite differences, everyone was able to voice their opinions and remain peaceful," police said in a news release.

The Raging Grannies, of Greater Westerly Rhode Island, participated in the protest. Their own supporters also attended the protest.

"It’s not so much of a protest. If the president fails, we all fail," the husband of one member of the Raging Grannies said. He added that he supports health care, regulations on the environment and a transparent government.

"I’d rather be for something than against something," he said.

Aside from the politics, business owners were excited about the presidential visit, including the Hilton Garden Inn in Groton, which was almost completely booked the day before.

Wednesday was Trump’s second commencement address and his first visit to Connecticut since becoming president.

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