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Protesters Gather in New Haven For A Second Straight Night

Calls for justice continue following the Breonna Taylor grand jury decision.

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Earlier this week, a Kentucky grand jury determined that the two officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s death would not face charges. That decision has sparked protests around the country, including here in Connecticut.

Twenty four hours after Thursday’s protest in New Haven, there are signs and candles surrounding the flag pole that serves as the New Haven Green centerpiece. Items memorializing Breonna Taylor after a night of protesting that lasted hours and saw hundreds of marchers cover miles of real estate.

Tonight, protesters gathered in New Haven again, to continue efforts calling for justice.

Although the demonstration was a bit smaller than last night, the message was the same.

“We want to send a strong message that Black lives matter. That there’s one justice system and it needs to be a fair and equal treatment across the board,” said Dori Dumas, president of Greater New Haven NAACP.

Dumas was there representing not only the NAACP but also her sorority. Alpha Kappa Alpha was joined by several other international service organizations.

“We want to be heard. We’ve had enough of this and we’d like to see some justice,” said Nana Danso, president of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

United through frustration, various races came together.

“When we hear the words Black lives matter, as white people, we should not get our backs up,” said Meg Hyre of New Haven.

“As a Muslim, being a victim of hate crimes. The same pain that other communities feel, we feel too,” added Fahd Syed, who represented the Council of American Islamic Relations.

Even the youngest supporters were there for a common reason.

“Because justice should be served,” said eight-year-old Gabby Tulloch, explaining why she was there.

People gathered to hear messages of support for Breonna Taylor and calls for justice.

”This thing is real and Black lives matter and it has to stop somewhere,” Cassandra Napoleon said.

This issue is very real for Napoleon. Her nephew Tyshan Napoleon was shot and killed by New Haven Police in 2005. For her and others at Friday’s protest, the time for change is now.

“It’s about time and I stand on the promise that it’s going to change,” said Napoleon.

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