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Public Health Experts Urge Thanksgiving Precautions During Pandemic

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Public health experts say rolling up your sleeve for a COVID-19 vaccine shot is one of the best ways to stay protected including for Thanksgiving dinner.

Right now Connecticut leads the nation with 84% of adults fully vaccinated.

And the state is in the top 10 for boosters.

Despite COVID-19 cases ticking up in some areas – including Connecticut – experts say the massive vaccination effort has put us in a different spot than last year.

“We are really enthusiastic for people to gather again for this holiday season and we would encourage that people do so safely,” said Dr. Rochelle Walensky, CDC director.

That means reducing risk at gatherings.

“If you have a fully vaccinated group of people and fully boosted group of people, I think you're at your highest level of protection,” said Dr. Manisha Juthani, Department of Public Health commissioner.

Juthani says masking up is something vulnerable people should think about, as well as children not yet eligible for a vaccine.

There’s potentially more to consider if there are unvaccinated guests who are at highest risk of being infected and catching the virus.

 “I think it's an uncomfortable decision. I think for some people to have to weigh for themselves in terms of what is their own risk, what is their comfort level in terms of those around them?” said Juthani.

Experts say another precaution families can take is testing.

The Biden administration says there’s lot of capacity, as well as more at-home tests being rolled out.

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