Public Housing Crackdown on Pets

Dog Cruelty

New London is cracking down on pets for people living in public housing.

The New London Housing Authority has a new policy that dictates which animals can stay and which must go, the Day of New London reports.

Dogs already living in public housing are safe, but the new rules ban residents from owning a pooch unless it is needed for medical assistance, such as a companion dog or seeing eye dog.

Tenants can have only one cat and all dogs and cats must be spayed or neutered. As for fish, they are OK as long as the tank is no larger than 20 gallons, reports the Day.

"We understand pets are companionship. You can keep your cat or your fish or your little ferret,'' executive director of the housing authority, Sue Shontell told the paper. "We are just trying to get some control."

The paper also reports a monkey, snake, spider or other animal that is not commonly kept as a household pet, has to go.

Property manager, Jennifer Carrion, said the authority's federal properties are governed by federal regulations on pet ownership, which prohibit dogs.

In the early 2000s, a former executive director went as far as to call for a “no dogs” rule, which was rarely enforced.

Owners are now required to obtain renters insurance that includes pet liability.

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