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Puerto Ricans Spared Worst of Dorian

For some, worries over Hurricane Dorian brought back the trauma caused by Hurricane Maria.

Many in Puerto Rico feared the damage Hurricane Dorian could bring, but so far there haven’t been any reports of widespread damage. It appears Puerto Rico missed the worst of Dorian, and that’s a relief to many with family on the island.

“I think we’re always going to have that worry inside,” said Sonia Alvelo.

When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico two years ago, it took ten days before Alvelo finally heard from her family. So when news that the island could be in the path of Dorian, it brought back the trauma of Maria.

“This is the moment we worry the most. Is it going to happen again? Is it going to be the same? What’s going to happen to them? When are we going to talk to them again?” said Alvelo.

Alvelo is the CEO of Latin Financial in Newington, which loans to small businesses on the island, and most of her family still lives there. She says for this hurricane, everyone has been more than ready. Her brother snapped a picture at a grocery store showing shoppers stocking up. As the day progressed, the storm moved further away from Puerto Rico which left many relieved. While flooding and power outages are a concern, the impact Dorian will have will be minor in comparison. Still, Alvelo says she’s continuing to watch the hurricane’s path and is keeping tabs on her loved ones.

“They text me, they text my fiancé that they’re okay, they’re ready. Communication is a big plus because from over here in the US we want to make sure they’re okay,” said Alvelo.

President Trump has approved a state of emergency declaration for Puerto Rico. The concern regarding Dorian now is that it could hit Florida as a major hurricane.

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