Cops: Puking Housebreaker Drunk Dials Dating Service

Admits he was "high" and "wasn't thinking"

"I have to say, you are truly not a genius when it comes to committing burglary," Judge Corinne Klatt told Gregory Osborne in court Wednesday. 

Osborne, 19, of New Milford is accused of breaking into his friend's home last August and being less than an ideal guest after the less than orthodox entry, according to information in the arrest warrant published in the Torrington Citizen.

While Osborne's friend was away, he crawled in through a doggie door, vomited on the bathroom floor and then called a phone dating service, the arrest warrant says. 

That call was recorded by the service and the transcript was entered as evidence. He also lied a bit about his age and height, the newspaper reports.

"My name is Greg. I'm 28, 5-foot-8-inches, blonde hair, blue eyes, muscular build, looking for a girl to talk to. Hey, honey, it's me. Ah, I'm in Connecticut, so let's chat. Hey, you sound really sexy, let's talk," the Torrington Register-Citizen reports.

Osborne told the judge he was "high" when he broke into the home.  "I wasn't thinking", Osborne told the judge.

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