Puppy Abandoned in Paper Bag on Southington Road

Southington police are looking for whoever is responsible for abandoning a puppy in a paper bag on the side of the road.

An animal control officer was called to the area of Empress Drive and West Center Street just before 12:30 p.m. on Thursday after someone reported finding the dog inside a shopping bag.

The young male beagle mix was lethargic and showed signs of severe neglect, according to police.

Surveillance video from someone in the neighborhood shows a silver four-door sedan pull up near the intersection of West Center Street Ext. and Empress Drive. For about 20 seconds, it sits there and then drives away. On the ground, a small paper bag can be seen which wasn't there before.

A neighbor who didn't see what happened said it’s upsetting to hear.

"I thought it was completely crazy that someone would leave a dog on the side of the road and very inhumane,” said Antonella Kuziak. “You shouldn't treat an animal like that.”

Another neighbor said she was in shock that someone would abandon a dog like that.

"If there's a dog you don't want, take it somewhere and don't just leave it to be abandoned for it to possibly get hit by a car. It's sad, very sad," added Christine Speight.

Southington-based Best Friends for Life Animal Rescue said there are shelters and rescues that will take pets and find them good homes.

"You have a responsibility and you made a commitment," said Tony Bagliore, of the Best Friends for Life Animal Rescue.

The neighbor with the surveillance video said they have given it to investigators.

Police said a criminal case for animal cruelty has been opened.

Anyone with information about the puppy is asked to call Detective James Armack at 860-378-1649.

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