Push for Mental Health Services at Killingly High School

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Students and parents are pushing to bring more mental health services to Killingly High School.

They say it’s badly needed, but not everyone is in favor.

Families rallied and held signs including one that read, “Student mental health matters.”

“I think it’s just important people have someone to talk to or even available if they need to talk,” said Lily Hubert of Killingly.

“We just want the best for our kids,” said Randi Long of Killingly.

The group made their voices heard before and during a Killingly Board of Education meeting on Wednesday.

They’re pushing for the school board to allow Generations Family Health Center to start offering mental health services at the high school.

“We really need it in our school. There’s a lot of problems at Killingly, and it would just be really beneficial for all of the students,” said Jessica Long of Killingly.

The district wouldn’t have to pay for it.

At the meeting, a few people spoke in opposition questioning the need for it and if it belongs in a school setting.

“I think this is a unwarranted government intervention. This is where they divide the parents and the students,” said Dale Dauphinais of Killingly.

“I personally do worry that it will end up eventually on the taxpayer,” said Michelle Murphy of Killingly.

The district said 2-1-1 requests for mental health assistance are up 10%. Also increasing are students visiting the school nurse for anxiety and depression.

The Board of Ed. chair sent a message to those who came out.

“I just want you to know that we hear you and we appreciate you and understand, some of us more than others,” said Janice Joly, Killingly Board of Education chairperson.

The board had wanted more information about the program and they received it at the end of their meeting on Wednesday. The superintendent suggested a vote could happen as soon as later this month.

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