Branford Puts Crime on the Map to Solve It

Guilford posts reported crimes online

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Alex Matthews

Crimes in Guilford are now mapped out for all to see.The town just joined a network that posts reported crimes on the Internet.

The Web site is a public information forum that Guilford just started using.
The site allows police to post reported crimes for anyone with a computer to view.
“I do look at the crime part of my newspaper. I’m always on the computer, so just scrolling it down to say of this happened two blocks away," said town resident Delores Donvito.

It’s especially true for parents like Kiran Nangia who lives in Madison but spends most of her time in Guilford.  
“This is small town America and everyone thinks nothing goes on and there’s a lot of burglaries on our street in Madison and it's disturbing to not know about it,” she said.
Others, like Joyce DiCamillo, say the Web site is missing important information.
“Are these break-ins, that kind of theft? Or someone that reported a bracelet missing and doesn’t know where it is? So that, to me, is a little confusing and might skew the certain direction which might instill fear needlessly," she asked..
But those details aren't so important for Nangia, who says the site gives enough information to keep her safe.
“This is a beach community. There’s plenty of things to do at night and you’re going to know that this is a safer area to be in and this is not such a safe area to be in,” she said.  
According to the Crime Reports site, Branford, Darien, Guilford, Trumbull and Westport all use the site.  

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