Q Bridge Construction = Commuting Headaches

Take this as your warning, commuters in New Haven:  It's going to be a tough few months on the Q Bridge.

Monday night, work begins to repair the aging bridge deck and steel structure that make up the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge. 

So what does the work mean for you?  Lane closures and delays between exits 48 and 50 in both directions of I-95 at odd hours.
Most of the work will take place overnight -- Monday through Thursday from 10pm to 6am for both the north and southbound lanes. 
Here’s where you need a little scorecard:  On Fridays, work on the northbound lanes runs from 11pm to 7am and southbound from 11pm to 8am.
Then on Saturday, the northbound lanes will be worked on from 11pm to 9am and the southbound lanes from midnight to 9am.
Construction is expected to wrap up in October.  When all is said and done, the cost will total about $2.9 million.
The “Q” bridge is 4,735 feet long and spans the mouth of the Quinnipiac River in New Haven.
When the bridge opened in 1958, it was meant to handle 40,000 cars a day.  Now, 51 years later, 100,000 vehicles cross the bridge daily. The added vehicles have put a strain on the structure and turned the roadway into a gridlock mess at rush hour. 
In the next ten years, an entirely new 10-lane bridge will replace the existing “Q” bridge.
The state has set up a website to answer all your questions about the closures and costs of the project.
Good luck!
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