Questions Surround Hartford Ballpark as Construction Stops

The City of Hartford gave Centerplan Construction and DoNo Hartford LLC until 5PM Tuesday to in effect vacate the site and "demobilize" with any construction equipment.

The deadline was put in place one day after the city notified the contractor and the developer that it would terminate its contract with them for the stadium.

Jason Rudnick, the manager of DoNo Hartford LLC told reporters Monday that the decision to terminate their contract was a decision to put "politics over sound business principles."

Earlier Tuesday, some subcontractors were still straggling around the stadium working and cleaning up.

Mayor Luke Bronin told reporters Tuesday that he could understand that Centerplan and DoNo may feel "embarrassed" over the way the project turned out, months behind schedule and millions over budget.

To that end, the mayor who inherited the stadium development, said the city will look to recoup the millions spent to ensure the stadium was complete by May 17.

“We will not be shy about asserting our claim that they take responsibility for the project, move it along, and finance the gap," he said.

It's expected that Arch Insurance, the firm that holds the surety for the bonds for the stadium, will arrive in Hartford in the coming weeks to inspect the site, and make a determination as to how much work is needed, whether the work is adequate and whether Centerplan will continue as the construction company.

The Hartford Stadium Authority Chairman, Charles Mathews, said he would tell the company to go in a new direction for the completion of the ballpark.

"They could elect to go with DoNo and Centerplan. That would not be my recommendation because I think they need serious construction management supervision.”

One part of the DoNo development that was announced late last year by Centerplan and the City of Hartford was for a Hard Rock Hotel that was to be located across the street from the baseball stadium.

While, the website for the company promotes a future Hartford location, Mayor Luke Bronin was skeptical Tuesday.

"I haven’t heard anything about a Hard Rock Hotel in quite a while and I’m not sure how far along that really got and as we’ve seen from this process from the last administration, working in partnership with DoNo and Centerplan, press conferences don’t always turn out to be what people claim.”

Yard Goats General Manager Tim Restall told NBC Connecticut to expect an announcement tomorrow regarding where the Yard Goats will play their remaining home games, or at least until Dunkin' Donuts Park is complete.

“We’re working with the league on different scenarios going forward so that the Yard Goats will be playing baseball whether it’s Hartford, or Norwich, or in another town in the Eastern League. Baseball will be played.”

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