Quinnipiac Student Rode Train in Times Square Around Time of Explosion

A Quinnipiac University student returning to Connecticut was catching a train in Times Square Monday morning around the time of what authorities are calling an attempted terror attack

“I was in Times Square. I was about two blocks away from the explosion,” Marie Trapani, a freshman from Staten Island who is majoring in TV and film, said. 

Trapani was going to board a train for Grand Central Terminal when the NYPD said a 27-year-old man detonated a device he was wearing in the tunnel between the subway station and Port Authority bus terminal. 

“First, when people were like running I was like OK, something is definitely wrong because people don’t run like this in Times Square,” Trapani said. 

She watched ambulances and first responders rush to the scene. 

“It’s amazing what they all do, risking their lives every day,” Trapani said. 

When Trapani arrived at Grand Central to catch her train to New Haven, she noticed additional security. 

“It was swarmed with NYPD, state troopers, military,” she said, “I felt very safe there.” 

At New Haven’s Union Station, Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Amtrak Police are on patrol with K9s. 

Shanbrelle Green, of Hartford, said police presence is reassuring. When taking a bus or train with her 9-month-old baby girl, she said situational awareness is key. 

“Who you’re around, who’s next to you, especially if you have a child and they’re very young. You don’t know what can happen,” Green said. 

The final leg of Trapani’s trip was a shuttle ride from Union Station to the Hamden campus. 

“My mom, my grandma, my dad, they’re like just, ‘Come home,’ but I have finals so had to come back,” Trapani said. 

Gov. Dannel Malloy issued a statement in response to the attempted suicide bombing near Times Square. 

“Our thoughts are with New York City today, especially with the first responders and the injured innocent bystanders,” the governor said. “Keeping our citizens safe is our number one priority, and the public’s vigilance and partnership is critical to keeping authorities informed. Please be aware of your surroundings at all times and report questionable behavior to law enforcement. If you see something suspicious in your daily travels, say something.” 

If it is urgent, citizens can call 911 or contact the state’s 24/7 Homeland Security Tip Line by dialing 1-866-HLS-TIPS (1-866-457-8477). 

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