Quinnipiac Students Accused of Selling Marijuana Out of Dorm Room

Hamden police have arrested two Quinnipiac students accused of selling drugs out of a dorm room.

Patrick Ownbey and Shawn Wheeler, both 18, were arrested Sunday after Hamden police were called to the Quinnipiac University campus for a report of a drug investigation.

The university’s Public Safety told police they received a tip that a student was selling drugs from his dormitory. When public safety officers arrived at the room, Ownbey and Wheeler were there along with two other students.

Police said Ownbey, who is from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, had 15.5 grams of marijuana, along with five edible “Marijuana Fruity Pebbles Squares”, 87 grams of THC oil and other drug paraphernalia on him at the time of the search. Wheeler, from Atkinson, New Hampshire, was found with 137.5 grams of marijuana and other paraphernalia, including a scale.

They were both arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance and sale of a controlled substance. They were each released on a $1,000 bond and due in court on March 5.

Police said the other two students in the room were found to have small amounts of marijuana. They were each issued infractions for possession of marijuana, less than a half-ounce.

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