Quinnipiac University Expanding Health Services, Ending 24/7 Hours

Quinnipiac University is expanding its on-campus health services ahead of the new academic year, moving away from an around-the-clock health center.

”We are one of very few in the country, I think under five, that are open 24/7,” explained Dean of Students Dr. Monique Drucker.

Drucker said the university wanted to move away from an antiquated model of care. As of July 1, the center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the weekends.

”We’ve heard a lot from our students who are interested in having providers, so having somebody who can diagnose and treat our students at our health center,” Drucker said. “So, we had previously had a model that was based on resident nurses and we are moving towards provider-based so we are going to have APRNs, PAs.”

Students said they welcome the change.

”I’m really excited because we’re finally doing a quality over quantity sort of take on healthcare here,” said former student Nikki Mecca.

”Students want to go into the health center and be diagnosed and treated immediately, very quickly, and now that we have so many more healthcare providers that are in the health center in that 8 to 8 period, I think students are going to be really happy and really receptive,” said senior Joe Iasso.

For emergency situations that may arise, Dr. Drucker said students should not be concerned. There is an after-hours phone service in place that will get help immediately.

”In an emergency, we wouldn’t treat them here. In an emergency we’re going to get an ambulance and get them to the local hospital.”

AMR, which is an ambulance service that responds to the Quinnipiac University Campus, told NBC Connecticut the move will not significantly impact them because even with a 24/7 health center, they still respond to emergency calls.

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