Racial Slur Found on Granby Memorial Schools Sign

Granby police are investigating after someone rearranged the letters on a Granby school sign into a racist message.

Someone rearranged a message on a sign at the Granby Memorial School campus off Route 10 to include the racial slur which was spotted by Anna Rogers, of Middletown, who driving through town around noon Saturday. Rogers snapped a photo and called police. Rog told NBC Connecticut when she drove by again about a half hour later, the slur had been removed.

Capt. William Tyler confirmed that police were informed of the message and that the situation is under “active and vigorous investigation.”

Residents were surprised by the news and said hateful speech isn't what they expect from their town.

“I think Granby is a welcoming town and a very tight town. So I don’t know if it’s some kind of prank. But I think it’s concerning the rise of racist things we’ve seen across the United States,” said Granby resident Katie Dunnington.

“I usually think of Granby like nothing bad ever happens here,” said Hannah Council, who is a sixth-grader in Granby.

Granby Superintendent of Schools Alan Addley released the following statement:

“This is certainly disturbing and disappointing for many reasons, but most importantly because it doesn’t represent the values of the school community or the values of the town of Granby.”

Anyone with information on this should contact Granby police at 860-844-5335.

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