Racist Fliers Found in Southington

Messages of hate have been discovered in Southington in recent days and  police are investigating to find out who is leaving 'white power' fliers around the town.

Meanwhile, a local family fears it was targeted because of the color of their skin.

“I almost fell backwards. I couldn’t believe it," said a man who spoke exclusively with NBC Connecticut.

He did not want to publish his name or reveal his identity because he was concerned for the safety of his family. He said his 26-year-old daughter found the flier on her car outside her Southington home on Friday night.

“That someone would target my daughter, who does nothing but good for the community – that’s all we do," he said.

To him, this is much more than just a piece of paper. He said he grew up in a country where racism and segregation ran rampant, and knows first-hand how it can seep into a society.

“I thought I was done with that so to see my kids have to go through this, I’m really upset about it," he added.

The website for the Michigan-based American Nazi Party may be prominently placed on the flier, but many questions about the messages remain.

Police said on Tuesday that they received two complaints from residents. One was found ona car parked at the Southington YMCA on High Street and the other was found on a vehicle parked at the Southington YMCA gymnastics center on Putnam Place.

Anyone with information about the origin of the fliers should call Southington Police at 860-621-0101. 

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